Since 1947, an activity of more than 70 years has marked out the progress and development covered by BIANCHINI S.r.l. in order to attain and assert its current position as leader in the manufacture of drilling machines.

The result of this commitment is its numerous accomplishments:

The company extends over an area of than 8,000 sq. m, 3,500 of which to are covered. It is equipped with the most highly advanced and modern requisites in order to successfully deal with the challenges of the new millennium.
BIANCHINI S.r.l. is manufactures its machines with:
• Knowledge and availability of know-how • Experience and leadership in engineerin • Commitment and specialisation in production
• Many years of technical experience, to fast and punctual sales service, after-sales customer support worldwide, and to cutting edge distribution network.
These features and the extreme attention to the design and to the accuracy in manufacturing are the reasons of the 70 years of Bianchini’s success. These are the reasons for which the Company is trusted by its customers who continue to prefer the BIMAK brand. Our quality is always the same without any compromise.

BIANCHINI S.r.l. guarantees the supply of spare parts for its machines for 30 years from their date of construction. This too is part of the great attention and great respect towards its customers. 

All this is possible because BIANCHINI S.r.l. – the only true manufacturer of drilling machines in Italy – produces 100% of the mechanical components of its machines within its production structure.